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For BTC users, your UBTC balance is equal to the BTC balance at block height 498,777

For verification, please send the designated amount of BTC to  1Gp55PCWuNGXFwLqWQoSkiL325Ksj4rhuM

For users from other communities, please send the designated amount of your currency to below addresses for verification. Your UBTC balance will be calculated based on the monthly snapshot.

QTUM:  QgxaPhaMVG48zo7vCnj3xQnkZKmy6RWsRp


ETH:  0x805CC2C7E01226d35CC5dEDc7dA6620Fc0564d92

LTC:  LNrtMAN8nmVGFLgamME4bva2StRhD5eVoZ


1.  Please only transfer from the address that you have inputted on the Claim Page. If your wallet does not support transferring from a specific address, we recommend you to switch to a controllable address;

2.  Please transfer the EXACT amount without including transaction fee(s). Otherwise, your address will NOT be verified. Please contact if you have any queries.