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UnitedBitcoin upgrades Bitcoin through Smart Contract Implementation

Same Proof of Work and Issuance Model of Bitcoin, with new hi-speed smart contracts

Future Lightning Network support for faster and cheaper transactions

UnitedBitcoin (UBTC) will be allocated to active Bitcoin wallets at a rate of 1 BTC to 1 UBTC at time of fork

No pre-mining, stable system with fiat currency pegged reserves

Building on Bitcoin’s Strong Foundations

Original PoW mechanism, UTXO model and blockchain inheritance

1:1 Asset allocation to active addresses, same block-time, halving-time and total cap. no pre-mine.


Greatly enhances scalability by introducing payment channels between users.


Greatly increases transaction speed by increasing the block-size to 8 MB and supporting SegWit


UnitedBitcoin adds smart contract capabilities along with other upgrades to greatly increase the utility and potential of Bitcoin.


The UB Foundation will manage funds from inactive wallets post fork and foster the ecosystem with them. It will also develop a cryptoasset – pegged to UB’s reserve – against fiat currencies to support projects worldwide.


June 2016UnitedBitcoin team starts the development of smart contracts

The core members of UnitedBitcoin’s development team start the development of LUA based smart contracts.

May 2017The first UVM smart contract is fully tested

Smart Contract and UVM functionality has been successfully tested. Two languages, similar in structure and syntax to C# and JAVA have been added as well.

September 2017Beta test of version 0.1 of UnitedBitcoin (8MB + SegWit)

To speed up testing and facilitate acilitating adoption, smart contracts have been excluded from this test. Testing the increased block-size (to 8MB) as well as SegWit was a success.

December 2017Version 0.5 of the wallet officially migrated to GitHub

The wallet with automated upgrade program is officially migrated to GitHub and all source codes are open to public, more teams around the world joined UB.

December 2017Fork is executed and UnitedBitcoin is launched globally

The fork will happen on December 2017 with UnitedBitcoin officially released and launched globally during an event in Silicon Valley.

January 2018The second phase of Asset Allocation is completed

The manual allocation of assets is completed on January 2018 (started on December 2017), marking an end to the 2nd phase of the Bitcoin asset allocation procedure.

April 2018(Projected) Issuance of a digital currency pegged to fiat currencies

The UB foundation will issue it's first digital currency pegged to fiat currencies using UBTC as collateral

April 2018(Projected) Upgrade UnitedBitcoin, add support for smart contracts

If there is no delay in testing, UnitedBitcoin will be officially upgraded to a version with smart contract support.

April 2018(Projected) Transfer of all pegged currencies to smart contracts

Because it is too complex for color coins to support smart contracts, in order to support the smart contracts for pegged currencies, all pegged currencies will be transferred to the smart contracts system.

July 2018(Projected) Upgrade UnitedBitcoin with Lightning Network support

If there is no delay in development, UnitedBitcoin will be upgraded to a version with Lightning Network and payment channels support.

Technical team

Jeff Garzik

Board Member & Chief Scientist

Matthew Roszak

Board Member, Chief Strategy Officer

Wouter van der Schagt

Board Member, Executive Director

Marco Ferreira

Marketing Director

Dennis De Jong

Project Manager

Michael Banner

Marketing and Communication

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