Get UnitedBitcoin

Phase 1Direct distribution of UnitedBitcoin at the time of the fork.
Phase 2Manual distribution of Bitcoin to UnitedBitcoin addresses by the UB Foundation


The fork will take place at BTC block height #498777 (around 12:00 on 12 December 2017 GMT).


All users who transfer Bitcoins from his/her own address to his/her own address between Block 494000 and Block 498777 (11 November 2017 to 12 December 2017 GMT) will be eligible if the transaction meets the following criteria.

The output address (receiving address) must also be listed as one of the input addresses and cannot be a totally new address

The output address (receiving address) must end up with a balance of more than 0.01 BTC

If you are not sure if the operation is complete, please make two transfers.


Eligible addresses will receive a UB balance that is equivalent to the BTC balance (of that address) at block height #498777.

How to get UB?

Use any address of an on-chain wallet (that can export your private key) to deposit Bitcoins to your own address, just follow the explanation in paragraph “Eligibility” above.

After the fork, your BTC is freely usable again, however we recommend to wait at least 100 blocks before using your BTC for something else.


a) If your wallet contains a large number of addresses, please send all your BTC to one address first; then transfer a fraction to the address itself (0.0001 BTC is ok)

b) If you don’t know your sending address(es), create a new address and transfer all your Bitcoins to it; then transfer a fraction to the address itself (0.0001 BTC is ok)

How to use UB?

Visit UnitedBitcoin’s official website, download our wallet and synchronize the blockchain;

For safety, after the fork, transfer the coins in your Bitcoin wallet to another wallet and import the private key to your UB wallet. You will then be able to see your balance and start using the UB.


The fork will be processed by UB automatically, and your UB coins will only be usable after the first block has been mined.

About the unreceived UnitedBitcoin

UnitedBitcoin’ s chain will automatically switch from the Bitcoin network to the UnitedBitcoin network and initialize when the fork starts. Because the UB blockchain is the same at that point, any BTC sent to itself will be visible on the UB blockchain. This process will not generate any blockchain data.

A private miner will validate the transfer of the remaining unclaimed UnitedBitcoin to multiple multi-signature addresses controlled by the UB Foundation. This process will not affect any BTC balances. The limited amount of UB gained through this process will be deposited into the UB foundation as well.

Part of UB Foundation’ s coins will be used for Phase 2 distribution. The remaining will be reserved as collateral to back the issuance of digital currencies pegged to fiat currencies.